meet krum.


Who is krum. ? Our agency is a network of creative minds working together to curate engaging and attractive content designed to make your business shine in even the most saturated markets. 

That being said, to put some faces behind the brand, meet Zane & Melissa! We are two lifelong entrepreneurs who have spent the last 15 years developing a handful of small businesses from a globally distributed lifestyle & apparel brand, to a premier wedding entertainment company. We have experienced triumphant wins and heartbreaking defeats, learning incredibly valuable lessons in the process. 

Throughout this time, we came to realize we had a mutual passion for three things. 
1. Marketing in a way that breathes life and energy into your business
2. Offering the highest quality product or service
3. Helping others (and each other) reach their goals

Do you have an amazing business that could thrive with a little bit of creative marketing?  Shoot us a message so we can learn a little more about your awesome biz and together we can figure out a way to make your vision a reality!