Simple. Effective. Marketing

To make your business the first and only option for customers we focus on three things…

krum marketing

Content Creation

The first thing we do is find where your high value potential clients hang out online. Then, embracing your voice, we introduce them to your brand by sharing a combination of beautifully curated blogs, photos and videos. We believe the best way to get someone to listen to you, is to say something interesting, not yell at them.



What is your current strategy for creating and nurturing relationships online? Do you even have a strategy? The way we interact with each other is changing on a daily basis. Businesses who want to thrive in tomorrows reality need to be one step ahead to stay relevant. By strategically connecting with people online, we help you form strong, prosperous, lifelong relationships.


Media Management

Your doors might only be open 40 hours a week, but your clients are consuming information online 24 hours a day. We make sure we share your content on ideal platforms and at optimal times. On top of that, we painstakingly analyze what influencers in your industry are doing, and then help you do it better.